Check-out instructions


During the check-in we will make pictures of all damages and write it down on the report. The tenant has two weeks time to report any problems  that are not found at the time of the check-in. Please make pictures of all damages that you found and send it to us. We will apply you for Gas and Electricity by NUON and water by WATERNET. 

Starting from the date of the check–in and the handover of the keys, the tenant is fully responsible for the rented property, even if this date is not the first day of the contract         


Please note that the check-out should be on the day that you are ready to hand over the keys at which time the property should be in the same condition as it was during the check in. 

  • Net curtains washed (cold) or dry-cleaned.
  • Heavy curtains and blankets/quilts dry-cleaned. Place curtains back in original location and the original height after cleaning. Please check with your drycleaner whether there is chance of shrinkage. When in doubt, please contact the owner for instructions, as shrinkage is for account of the tenant.
  • The (bed) linen should be washed and ironed and put back on the beds after cleaning.
  • Venetian blinds properly washed.
  • Windows cleaned on in- and outside (incl. the woodwork).
  • Clean the entire property incl. woodwork.
  • For the kitchen and bathroom this includes inside of fridge, oven, cupboards, and extractor-fan cleaned.
  • Also check that all appliances are working properly.
  • If necessary dry clean the carpet.
  • Remove all items not belonging to the property such as personal belongings, garbage and empty bottles.
  • The garden has to be cleaned; cut the grass, remove the weeds spray the tiles.
  • The inventory arranged as received by you during the check-in. So, if you have put everything in boxes, please put everything back in its place.
  • The chimney cleaned.

For some of these measures, it is wise to keep the receipts and present them at the check-out.

Please be aware that:

Should the accommodation not be ready for occupancy by a new lessee at the final date due to - for example - insufficient cleaning, incomplete inventory or damages, the landlord is entitled to hold the departing tenant liable for both the days of late delivery and the costs for the extra labor/material involved.

Other matters to arrange:

o If the utilities are in your name, we kindly request you to inform the utility company that you are leaving. They will need the meter readings which will be read at the check-out. They will also need a forwarding address from you, as you may be entitled to money back and they may need more (bank) details from you.

o Please, arrange the disconnection of the telephone and television cable if these are in your name.

o Kindly, inform the municipality/registration office of your departure. Again you may be entitled to money back if you have paid for a full year of municipality taxes.

o Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. offers this service. You can either go to the post office and ask for a "Verhuisbericht" or go to


Guidelines minor repairs FOR TENANT

In accordance with article 7.4:203 / 210 and article 7.4:217 of the Dutch Civil Code; the following costs
are to be borne by lessee:

a. whitening of the walls and ceilings indoors, painting the woodwork indoors and if needed, wallpapering the walls.
b. tasks in preparation for the points mentioned under a, including in all instances spackling, sanding and filling holes, dents and (small) mud cracks;
c. mounting and fastening loose parts in the living accommodation, including in all instances loose:
-banisters, doorknobs and thresholds;
-electrical switches, power points and door bells;
d. provided there are no appreciable costs involved, replacement and restoration of parts and fixtures of the living accommodation which can be easily replaced, among which in all instances:
-tap washers and other technically simple to replace components of taps;
-door and window knobs, hinges and locks;
-floor- and ceiling diffusers;
-keys for indoor and outdoor locks;
-fittings for shower and bathroom area;
-fitting for the lavatory;
-electric switches, sockets, door bells, cable- phone- and computer connections and other comparable components of data networks;
e. maintaining operability and regular checking, oiling and lubricating or decalcifying movable parts,
among which in all instances:
-door, shutter and window locks and hinges;
f. taking measures to prevent (repair of) frozen taps;
g. replacement of light bulbs inside and outside the premises;
h. replacement of damaged windows and mirrors provided there are no appreciable costs involved;
i. maintenance and replacement of parts of technical installations in the premises insofar as this maintenance is technically simple and does not require any specialized knowledge, among which in all instances:
-bleeding radiators and filling the central heating system with water;
-re-starting of the central heating system after failure;
-replacing (mechanical) ventilation filters and cleaning grates;
j. installation and maintenance of necessary anti-draught measures provided there are no appreciable costs involved;
k. provided there are no appreciable costs involved, the replacement and renewal of parts and components of the premises outside of the living area that are simple to replace among which in all instances:
-components of the mail box;
-components of the outdoor lamp;
-components of the carport;
-components of the flagpole holder;
l. maintenance of the gardens, yards, driveways and fences such that these appear well cared for, among which in all instances:
-in case of first occupancy of the property and a garden or yard being part of the property: laying out a garden or yard with exception of laying driveways and entrance paths and the fitting of simple fencing;
-levelling the garden and laying soil;
-regular lawn mowing;
-regular weeding of the lawn and between tiles on driveways, paths and terraces;
-replacement of broken tiles;
-regular pruning of hedges and saplings;
-replanting dead shrubbery and plants;
-replacing broken planks or segments of wooden fences, straightening and keeping the wooden fences straight; in case the fences are painted or stained; regular painting or staining of the fences;
m. If necessary, sweeping of chimneys, drains and ventilation ducts to the extent that they can be reached by lessee;
n. cleaning and, if necessary, removing obstructions in the sewerage pipes in the premises up to the
connection point from the living accommodation to the municipal sewer or the main sewer;
o. cleaning and, if necessary, unclogging the disposal chute and cleaning the garbage container area to the extent that they can be reached by lessee;
p. cleaning the living area and the communal areas;
q. inside and outside cleaning of windows, window frames / sills, door frames, painted woodwork and other painted surfaces to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
r. pest-control, unless the presence of vermin is the result of the structural state of the premises;
s. regular cleaning of gutters and drainpipes to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
t. regular removal of dirt and rubbish.
u. the removal of graffiti provided there are no appreciable costs involved and to the extent the graffiti can be reached by lessee;
v. emptying of cesspits and septic tanks.

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