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Featured properties

Ko van Dijklaan
€ 2.000 p.m. exclusive
€ 2.050 p.m. exclusive
Baden Powellweg
€ 1.650 p.m. exclusive
Marie Heinekenplein
€ 2.250 p.m. exclusive


Save time and money. Go directly to the best and quickest housing agency.

Amsterdam Housing has the biggest stock of houses and apartments in and around Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

We can find you accommodation that suit your needs within a few hours. If you wish you can live the same day you visit the property!

Central to our success is an enthusiastic team of dedicated, highly qualified advisors.


Many other agencies try to imitate us or advertise using our name. For example: Amsterdam Housing Team or Amsterdam Housing Agent. Please be aware that we are the one and only Amsterdam Housing. You can find us on the web at or